What Are Creative Technologies? (A)

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In this post l be exploring Creative Technologies. By first analyzing principles of design in other posters I hope to to develop some practical design insight into the presentation of ideas. Using these skills I will develop a poster that reflects what Creative Technologies means to me.

Principles of Design Posters

Bad Religion Recipe for Hate by COOP

Designer: Chris Cooper, COOP
Website: https://theartofcoop.bigcartel.com/
Year: 1993
Source: https://www.nevermindgallery.com/collections/coop/products/coop-93-15-bad-religion-poster

Design Principles:

  • Distortion of scale is used in this poster, to emphasize the image of “American Jesus”.
  • The contrast between a typical Jesus image and the one presented here, fat and strong, contributes to the overall theme of anti-capitalism and anti-religion that is represented.
  • The tilted American flag creates a diagonally downward sense of movement.

This poster uses principles of design to emphasize the negative effects of capitalism and religion as viewed by the band Bad Religion. Contrast of ideas is used heavily to create a sense of unease.

Festival of the Spoken Nerd by Rance and Robinson

Designers: Rosemary Rance and Adam Robinson
Year: ~2018
Source: https://festivalofthespokennerd.com/product/you-cant-polish-a-nerd-pre-order/

Design principles:

  • Repetition and scale are used to repeat and reduce the main image to create an interesting effect that also gives a sense of movement towards the middle.
  • Unity in colors, there are 2 to 3 basic colors, is used to bridge the natural elements (people) and the graphic elements (text), generating a consistent experience.

I found this poster pleasing in presentation as well as conveying a similar experience to that of watching their performances. There is an almost silly approach to their performances which are both highly entertaining and educational.

Jakob’s Ten Usability Heuristics by the Nielson Norman Group

Designers: Nielson Norman Group
Website: https://www.nngroup.com
Year: 1994
Source: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics/

Design Principles:

  • Through the use of unique colors and graphics for each point a sense of variety is introduced that serves to please the eye as well as make reading and consumption of the information easy.
  • Since each point follows a set pattern of presentation the overall effect of repetition contributes to the overall readability of information.

I first saw this poster a few years ago in one of my classes and as I started reading through this assignment I was reminded of this poster. Which, as the content itself is not terribly exciting it was presented in a way that stuck with me.

Research and Planning

  • Choose a topic: when I think of CTH I think of (1) the intersection of art and technology. Programmable mini-chips such as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, jig-saw puzzles of circuit boards chips of different overlays , applications of Arduino systems. can be used for art or education. (2) collaboration, internet enables people from all over to collectively contribute and interact.
  • Select images and text to support.
    • Hardware
      • Arduino
      • Raspberry Pi
      • Audio interfaces
    • Software
      • ProTools
      • Fruity Loops
      • Audacity
      • Blender
      • GIMP
      • Inkscape
    • People
      • People in collab
    • CTCH Center
      • icons of media, video, images, other
  • Quotes
    • John Lasseter – The art challenges the technology and the technology inspires the art.
    • Pharrell Williams – Every piece of technology, every piece of art, basically everything manmade comes from an idea.
    • Helen Keller – Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
    • Matt Mullenweg – Technology is best when it brings people together.
  • What principles can we use from the posters chosen?
    • balance thirds in pie shape
    • unity in each section of pie will have a distinct color hue
    • movement pattern to drive from people (collaborative driven)
    • join each section via middle circle (icons include music, image, video, other)
    • scale people images slightly larger to further push the idea of people driven?

Inkscape in Progress



My first experience with Creative Technologies.

A friend of mine and I have made music together for many years. however around ten years ago we found ourselves provinces apart but still having a desire to continue to create music. We both had at least some experience with ProTools and decided we would try and complete some songs by sharing files back and forth via ftp. As we started this process it was very exciting and inspirational. Looking back I felt that this was something new, interesting, and uniquely different and I would consider it one of my first experiences with creative technologies.

The first song me and my friend produced cross country.

Happens by Desolation Williams

At the time I was working across Canada and abroad so the ability to have an intimate and creative experience with home gave me a sense of connection that was not always present when away from home. As such the remote projects that can be worked on in teams or partners that digital technologies are a very rewarding aspect of creative technologies.

These past few years have especially demonstrated the power that technology has to keep us connected and creating with each other. Vastly improved network latency, screen sharing programs, video conferencing, and other network sharing systems have all contributed to this phenomenon. Deeper artistic collaboration, connection, and inspiration are all outcomes of the possibilities that creative technologies can offer.


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